Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why the Kitchen is Still a Mess

This weekend, I’ve was asked twice how progress on my kitchen is coming along. Somewhat embarrassed, I have to explain that just before spring came along, I was humming. I painted the cabinets white. I ordered a new stove and refrigerator. Mike and I installed a new-to-us dishwasher. I had finally chosen the countertop tile and was ready to place my order. Then I was sucked into the garden.

The second time I explained that the yard had consumed all of my free time, I received skeptical looks. After all, what could be taking so long in the yard? I attempted to justify the time spent. First, I had ripped out the yews. That took a good two weeks. Then I started planting. I estimated that I had planted at least 100 plants. The figure provoked skeptical looks and jokes about all the weeding I have set myself up for.

Last night, knowing that I am prone to exaggerating, I checked my plant inventory to see just how many plants I’ve put in the ground. I easily counted to 200. Even given that some plants went into one hole, I have dug at least 100 holes. Each hole required that I deposit the dirt in my wheelbarrow, chop up the cheesy clay chunks, and mix in humus and manure. I must have hefted the hoe thousands of times. The figures are starting to impress even me!

Although I’ve been forbidden to buy any more plants, they keep showing up in my shopping cart. (Who could resist Lowe’s May perennial sale?!) If I have nothing to plant, there is always a bed to weed or mulch. Sometimes, I just go out with my kitties and, *gasp*, enjoy the yard. Quite honestly, I don’t know if I’ll get much done in the kitchen until it becomes unbearably hot outside. For now, I’m enjoying the lovely weather, working on getting my plant count up to 250, and, occasionally, stopping to smell the roses.


Anonymous Serendipity House said...

You go!! I did the same thing yesterday! We were finally feeling well enough to start back in on the kitchen, but it was way too nice outside to let the day slip by without getting in some weeding, mowing, and planting! The kitchen will happen...and you'll be grateful you paid attention to the outdoors!!

Have a great day!
P.S. That's a LOT of plants!!! :)

7:11 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Same here. Our kitchen has definitely taken a back seat to the yard lately. Oh well. I think we were kind of burnt out on kitchen stuff anyway. Needed a change of scenery. :)

8:48 AM  
Blogger deb said...

most people don't seem to understand that planting and maintaining a garden takes a lot of time and energy. after all, not all the plants come up at the same time, and if you don't keep on top of those weeds, they'll take over! and who knows what the POs did(n't) plant!

so boo to those people who sneer and snicker at you with dirt on your knees and under your fingernails in the grocery store... hey wait, i just described myself!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Serendipity House said...

Hey again! I was laughing at the comment you left! Yes...we have those maple seedlings, too. I ripped a few of those out yesterday. But that God-awful ground cover that started Brian's stint in the hospital is pachysandra (it didn't make him sick, the chain of events did). Ugh! Horrible, nasty plant when it's near the foundation. I don't know what the POs were thinking when they planted that there. It just takes over. Looks good bordering the property, but that's about it.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

Oh my gosh, you certainly have gone to town there in your yard -(200 plants). And it takes alot of time. I weed every single day- a bit at a time. And if you were digging beds, that is a time sucker for sure. Have those folks come over and see what you've done and maybe they'll get it. It's not just as simple as throwing a plant in the ground.

6:05 PM  
Blogger portuguesa nova said...

I am so very lazy.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For every hobby there is a season (turn turn turn) and good lord gardening is at least three hobbies in one, there is the digging holes hobby left over from our childhood, the putting things in the hole hobby and the smelling the roses hobby (for us old folks).

I am loving your garden...POST more pics!!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

A kitchen can be dealt with year-round. Time in the garden is limited! Take advantage of every happy gardening day....

8:07 AM  
Blogger Scott in Washington said...

Hey, not that I want to carry these sort of details around in my head, but I do. Here are the stats for my veggie garden this year:
Potatoes, blue, hilled: 28
Potatoes, white, hilled: 13
Potatoes, red1, hilled: 34
Potatoes, red2, row mounded: 26

I'll skip pole beans, bush beans, peas (snow and snap), corn, zukes, cukes, tomatos, tomatillos, radishes and cabbages, lettuce and sunflowers - all of which I have the numbers indelibly ready in my head like some guys do sports figures and say that I agree, gardening can get away from you and become an obsession.


10:23 PM  
Blogger crazygramma said...

The way I figure it the time for inside work is when it is raining or snowing so much you can't or don't want to go outside. We are having torrential rains here today so it will be the day I make the bows for my sister's wedding that is coming up in September. Enjoy the summer

6:29 AM  

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