Monday, May 16, 2005

Smell It, Buy It

Isn’t everything displayed in the check-out line just irresistible! While awaiting my turn to pay, I have to fight the urge to throw Star, key ring nail clippers, and a pack of Mentos on the belt. Ooooh…and, look, a 3-pack of lighters for 99 cents and a new Chap-Stik flavor! I used to succumb to my urges regularly, but then Mike pointed out that I was falling prey to the grocery store marketer’s master plan by “impulse buying.” I hate to be manipulated. Now, I only give in after I have lusted for the same item during multiple trips. Hence, I have liquorice flavored Altoids at my desk now. (And they are tasty!)

My impulse urges repeatedly overwhelm me when it comes to plants. If it looks good in the store, I’ll probably buy it. If someone recommends a certain plant, in person, in a book, or on the web, I must have it. The biggest doozy is if a plant smells good.

A scene from today: Deanna and I are running along the Ohio river at lunch. As usual, I am checking out the park’s plantings. We turn a corner and the most incredible floral fragrance delights my nostrils. I immediately begin to look for the source. Yes, the honeysuckle trees are blooming and, yes, they smell nice, but the scent isn’t right. Then I spot lilacs so pale they are nearly white. I must confirm my theory and stop our run to sniff the panicles. I nearly swoon from the heavenly aroma. I decide that I must buy one of these (Miss Kim lilac) as soon as possible. In fact, I saw them at Kroger yesterday. I could pick one up on my way home from rehearsal and sneak it into the backyard before Mike was any the wiser…

Again, my will has surrendered to the siren call of flowers. The grocery stores could really make a lot of money if they put those plants by the register.


Blogger deb said...

lmao! i do the exact same thing!

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Serendipity House said...

Uh! I just love lilacs...almost as much as I love hyacinth! Can never have too many of either!! I say, "Go for it!!"


2:30 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Um, probably evil of me but old fashioned peonies smell like heaven on earth. I also love the smell of magnolia blossoms (esp. in a bowl of hot water) and lemon balm.

9:37 AM  

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