Thursday, May 19, 2005

Three Magnolias

The first time I ever heard of the magnolia flower was while watching the play, Steel Magnolias. Shelby wanted to float magnolia blossoms in the pool for her wedding or reception. Having no idea what a magnolia was, I imagined the water’s surface covered with white cherry blossoms. That sounded like a wet, soggy mess to me. I finally saw my first picture of a magnolia five years later, in a college botany class. As we reviewed flowers, from the simple to the complex, magnolias were covered early. I remember the magnolia as a large, primitive flower that is rudely pollinated by beetles. Ugh. This April, I saw magnolia trees in blossom for the first time. They were magnificent. All thoughts of cherry blossoms and beetles were wiped away. I wanted one.

After consulting my gardening book, I chose a Sweet Bay Magnolia. They flower later than the pink magnolias that seem to be ubiquitous here and, hence, are in less danger from a freeze killing the blooms.. The Sweet Bay blossom fragrance has been compared to that of a gardenia and the tree does well in our clay soil. I bought one in early April, planted it, and eagerly awaited its bloom.

One of the buds opened this weekend, but then, to tease me, it closed again. Three days later, it and two companions unfurled their creamy petals. They smell lovely and the flowers are charming – not at all primitive. I haven't seen any beetles, yet.


Blogger portuguesa nova said...


I watched Steel Magnolias once and have not had the courage to watch it again because I cried so much...Though, recently, my husband mentioned he would like to get some track lighting installed and I was a little creeped out.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Trissa said...

Beautiful! That was a great choice.

9:05 PM  

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