Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kitchen Before and (Finally) After

In an ideal world, my kitchen make-over would have included new cabinets, a new countertop, and cork flooring. I had to make do with new appliances, a baker’s rack, an outlet refresh, and tons of paint.


It took many coats of paint to cover up those awful sunflower stencils.

After (sorry so many pictures, I’m just so happy with the “after!”)

The paint is Behr’s “Golden Cricket.” I had paint left over from covering up the hallway’s “Pumpkin Puke” and decided to give it a go in the kitchen. I’m happy with how it looks next to the true white cabinets and trim. The golden color also lessens the impact of the horribly dated countertop.

I’m proudest of the door. I bought a multi-lite door to replace the existing door, but it was too short and I had to abandon that project. Instead, I transformed the existing door with paint and trim so that it resembles the house’s other doors (all original). The trim creates an illusion of recessed panels that is quite convincing at first glance.

I love my “new” kitchen! I have to stop myself from going in to stare at it too often because the cats wrongly assume that I only go to the kitchen to get them “toon-toons” and follow me in to fix me with plaintive looks and meows. Or perhaps, they just can’t get enough of the new kitchen, either.

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