Monday, October 23, 2006

Window View

I don’t know how many times I’ve read that a particular plant or tree or shrub or garden ornament should be “visible from the house” or “placed along walkways or seating areas” so that one gets full enjoyment. If I followed this advice, the house would be suffocated under a mass of plantings. Occasionally, though, I do plant things where they are visible from a window or where they scent the deck and I have to admit that the effect is pleasing.

I hung my last birdfeeder from the sweet gum tree. It really wasn’t visible from anywhere but the seat of the toilet, if the window was open. (We have no bathroom fan – so the window is often open.) While bird watching from the throne was certainly entertaining, the raccoons discovered the feeder’s location and repeatedly ripped it apart. I finally gave up.

I hung the new birdfeeder in the front yard, from a holly tree. I’ve learned that the birds will destroy any plants beneath a feeder in their search for spilled seed, so I hung it over a path. Of course, I’ve hit my head on it repeatedly. (If I hang it any higher, I can’t reach it to replace the seed.) The location was also strategically chosen so that the birdfeeder is perfectly framed by one of the den windows. On Sunday mornings, I can curl up in the recliner with my tea and book and watch the birds flitter to and from the feeder. A second recliner, close to the window, provides a perch for the kitties to also watch the show. The cats make funny little grunts of frustration and I thoroughly enjoy the scene.

So, all those stinking garden writers were right. I’m enjoying the birdfeeder much more where I can comfortably view it from the house. I do like a garden that requires you to enter it to fully enjoy it, but having a few treasures visible from the windows is a good idea. I suppose a few of those "rules" are worth listening to.


Blogger rusty in miami said...

I giving up on bird feeders last time I had one it was like the movie the birds. It got to the point my dog was afraid to go out

3:05 PM  
Blogger Annie in Austin said...

A lot of fancy home magazines show views from the enormous sunken tubs, but was there ever an article about a view from the toilet? You may have found a niche writing market!

In previous houses most window sills were higher, so you could only look out while standing up, but the window in the breakfast room of this house is the perfect height for looking out the window while sitting at the table. That view has governed a lot of what I've done in the last two years.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

7:01 PM  
Blogger LostRoses said...

Very nice view indeed. If I had a house with a window that enabled me to view the birds while seated I'd probably never get up so it's just as well my sills are so high. Though I have wondered about getting taller furniture! Standing at the kitchen sink watching my feeders doesn't have quite the same charm as your armchair view.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

My cat enjoys the bird feeders I have near the windows as well. My husband and I call it "Cat TV."

Our new kitten is too small to jump up on the window sills, but I'm sure they'll be fighting for space over the winter.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Water Fountains Guy said...

My uncle strategically located a few hummingbird feeders outside the windows in his kitchen. While doing a basic thing like washing and drying the dishes, it was simply wonderful to stand and watch the hummingbirds chase one another away from the feeder so that the "king or queen of the hill" could have the sweet reward all to himself or herself.

7:32 AM  

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