Friday, October 06, 2006

Eat or Garden

From April to October, I don’t cook. It has nothing to do with the heat. I’m simply too busy gardening to spend time slaving away in the kitchen. We eat a lot of hotdogs and pizza rolls in the summer. Admittedly, even in the winter, I don’t make daily dinners (due to rehearsals), but I’ll cook fairly often.

If I did have time to make a meal, I wouldn’t have any place to put the fresh produce required. The refrigerator is currently off-limits to all fruits and vegetables, because I have bulbs cooling their heels in the produce drawers. The ethylene gas produced by certain fruits and vegetables (I can’t be bothered to find out which ones) can retard flower development within a bulb. We have only one fridge, and it is currently dedicated to gardening (including a few mold cultures), not eating.

Around November, I’ll get on a health kick, cook healthy dinners, and lose 10 lbs, until I fall off the wagon again next spring. Everyone else seems to be on the opposite schedule, eating healthfully, with lots of fresh produce, in the summer and then later packing on the pounds with holiday sweets. Am I the only one out there who sacrifices diet for gardening? I guess I’ll be ready for a winter cruise, even though I can’t be persuaded to put on a bathing suit in the summer.


Blogger Carol said...

Actually, gardening HELPS my diet... fresh produce all summer. I crave it in the winter.

9:07 PM  
Blogger snappy said...

Funny post.Well you will have a fridge soon to put food in.there is a srtuggle here too between my plants and seeds and Sallyanne's kitchen.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous lindsey the landscaping and gardening expert said...

:) thanks for the laugh, my fridge is actually given up to art supplies, but gardening could perhaps co-habitate

3:21 AM  

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