Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Flower Fashion

I have a lot of clothes. My work wardrobe alone occupies the two closets in our guest bedroom. Being somewhat of a clothes horse, I am, of course, concerned with what I wear in the garden as well. My garden wear is more functional than fashionable, but I still have some strong preferences.

Green pants. I’m obsessed with wearing green pants in the garden. I have no fewer than three pairs of green gardening pants. (Technically, the third pair are capris.) I’m not sure why it is so important to me to wear green pants, but they just feel RIGHT. Color aside, I like pants for kneeling on concrete and holly leaves. Lately, in deference to the heat, I’ve been forgoing the protection of pants for comfort of shorts. Unfortunately, I have no green shorts, but I’m looking.

Farmer tan. Obviously, I’m fair skinned, but I am willing to risk a little melanoma to prevent a farmer tan. I picked up a few packages of A-shirts (a.k.a. wife-beaters) and they are my new favorite gardening shirts. Not only do they bare my shoulders to the sun, but the long length (because them are men’s shirts) covers the gardener’s crack exposed by my low-riding green pants.

Over-the-shoulder boulder holder. I haven’t got much in the way of shoulders (or boulders for that matter!) so I’m one of those women you see constantly hitching up her bra straps. I spent last season with my dirty hands down my shirt, yanking at errant straps. I finally tired of it and splurged on brightly colored Champion sports bras this spring. Not only do my undergarments stay in place, they are pretty (and modest) enough to wear on their own.

On my feets. I usually pop in and out of the house as I garden, so my footwear has to be easily removed. During the cooler weather, I wear a pair of rubber clogs. I pulled out the insoles because they just seemed to be in the way. Now that it is warmer, I wear flip flops. I bought a very cute pair at Old Navy in mid-April and have been gardening in them ever since. They are no longer so cute, but neither are my feet, especially after a day mucking around in the clay.

Personally, I think my gardening outfits – green pants, A-shirt, sports bra, and flip flops – are adorable. Perhaps I should start my own line of gardening clothing. Tim suggested the name “Botany Babe.” Then again, my tastes might not be marketable. What do YOU wear to garden?


Blogger Jenn said...

Did you fall off your motorcycle? What on earth is the red on your leg? And why do you look so happy about it?

I'm cringing, it looks painful!

I too love the Champion bras.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

And I like mud. I come in from gardening, feet, hands, and clothes looking like an errant three-year-old.


4:56 PM  
Anonymous Hanna in Cleveland said...

I found a few $3 bikini tops on the clearance rack at Target a few weeks ago and they have become part of my gardening wardrobe. I would not be caught dead in one outside my yard, but they are nice and cool (with less tan lines).

I also wear pants but they are the kind that you get from import stores, all cotton and loose. I don't get hot in them at all and they still keep my legs covered.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Kasmira said...

The stuff on my leg is ink that transferred from a bag of mulch. It is REALLY hard to get off once it has come into contact with your skin.
It does look kind of gory. :)

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

My former gardening wardrobe used to like very similar to yours in the photo. Then I got fat. So now it's capri-style sweatpants and a T-shirt. I'm too embarrassed to even wear shorts these days. I usually end up rolling up my short sleeves to avoid the dreaded farmer's tan, all the while hoping none of the neighbors can see my arms. (Like any of them actually care.) I need to find some of those pants Hanna mentioned, assuming they come in fat-girl sizes. :)

9:36 AM  
Blogger Takoma Gardener said...

You're adorable in your g'ing clothes! Can't say the same for myself, though. Anyway, I love this post and esp your wife-beater shirts.
And I'm happy to add to the Champion sports bra-loving chorus. I wear them ALL THE TIME except when I'm dressy. And you know, today's styles allow the straps to show (with T-shirts) so we're finally liberated from uncomfortable underwear! S

1:39 PM  
Blogger snappy said...

i wear whatever, track suit pants and tshirt.shorts if its sunny as i love feeling the sun on my skin my olive skin browns.A farmers tan?
wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Entangled said...

I had to break down and buy some gardening clothes this spring. Usually I wear my oldest, raggediest jeans, but the ones I was gardening in were becoming indecent and I didn't have any others ready to be demoted from the non-gardening wardrobe. So I got some cheap canvas trail pants from Cabela's. I'm liking them a lot - the wide legs provide a lot of freedom of movement. And they're green!

2:35 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I find a gardening hat is essential these days. I finally got smart though and bought some cute ones to wear instead of throwing on old baseball caps with corporate logos or ugly black bucket hats.

I agree the shoes have to be quick on and off for running in and out of the house. I have a pair of slip-on sandals at each doorway.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous victoria said...

i'm with you. i need to be comfortable in the garden. you can also get one of those tank tops with the built in bra, or wear two tank tops like they show on the mannequins in the gap window. of course gap wants you to buy twice as many shirts as you need, but it can be a fun look if they're different colors or styles.
the only problem with shorts in the garden is you can get nicked by branches with thorns or twigs, but it's your garden, so you know where you're stepping! looks very pretty.
keep blogging!

1:07 PM  
Blogger WashingtonGardener said...

I agree with Karen on a hat - essential! I also never go without gloves - have a whole wardrobe of those as well for various purposes - my final item is sunglasses - my eyes have been saved by them more than once when a branch I was pruning flicked back or a stray rock was flung up by the weed-whacker.

6:05 AM  

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