Monday, December 05, 2005

Wanted: Multi-lite, Exterior Door

Our kitchen has the potential to be a light and airy place. It has two windows, an open doorway to the dining room, and a door to the back deck. Despite the numerous openings, it’s dreadfully dark. The window over the sink looks down into the sunroom but no direct light enters the window itself. The other window looks over the back deck, but the sky light is cut off by a low awning that extends off the house. (In fact, the bottom edge of the awning is only about 5’6” from the deck surface. I skim beneath it, but Mike routinely bashes his head.) The door opens to the back deck, but weather and security necessitates it being closed most of the time. When I can open it, though, the difference in light in the kitchen is night and day. The plan to lighten up the kitchen, then, includes tearing the awning off and replacing the solid door with a windowed one.

I love the door that separates our living room and sunroom. It is an old 12-lite door (pictured to the left) that I cavalierly cut a pet door in last December. When I started to search for another to replace the kitchen’s solid door, I discovered how rare these doors are.

First of all, they aren’t made any more. When I couldn’t buy new, I started searching for a local architectural salvage company. I found only one in the area, Wooden Nickel Antiques, but the door is too modern of an item for them to carry. I had all but given up when I checked ebay. I found several for auction, but, as they were all “pick-up only,” I found only one close enough to bid on. I bowed out of the bidding at $125. The door went for $127.50.

I’m still watching ebay, but I’m trying another tack as well. I posted a want ad on Craigslist and our company bulletin board. I’ve had one response to my Craigslist ad and hope to view the proffered door soon. Given that the ebay door sold for $127.50, how much should I pay for a door like this?

Hopefully my current lead works out. If not, I’m out of ideas on where to find something like this, except to continue to watch ebay. I’m open to suggestions.


Blogger Patricia W said...

I can sympathize with you on the door hunt.

The house I bought had only three of the original 5-panel interior doors. I thought 'no problem, I'll just replace them when the time comes'....Well, to find about 15 matching 5 panel doors that are the right height and width for each opening has proven impossible. So I will end up having to pay a ton of money to either have doors made or buy new doors and make adjustments. It's hellish. I've even considered putting ads in the Detroit Free Press asking someone to sell me a house full of doors.

I wish you luck in your search and I know you'll find exactly what you need if you can wait a little while to get it.

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried Worth a call anyway.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

instead of cutting cat flap in french doors, simply knock out a pane of glass from one of the bottom panes. That way, you maintain the integrity of the door, especially antique ones! I use French doors as kitty access doors to litter areas. Just knock out a pane of glass for instant and invisible cat flap.

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