Monday, July 02, 2007

Giant Cherry Tomato

When I planned my potager, I sketched in sunflowers and teepees for height. I figured the cherry tomato bushes would be proportionally sized to regular tomatoes plants as the fruit. Well, my “mini” tomato has reached six feet. I think it will even outgrow the sunflowers.

I’m growing the Black Pearl variety of cherry tomato. The tomatoes are indeed cherry-sized, so there was no mix-up there. Why is this thing so huge? Was I silly to expect a miniature bush? I’m hoping some experienced tomato growers can help me out. I’ve used up my longest stakes. If the plant grows any taller, it will just have to support itself.

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Anonymous kingstreetfarm said...

LOL! Hey, well at least it's healthy!
You bought an indeterminate (or vining) variety, which means it will just grow and grow, basically unchecked.
You can prune it pretty aggressively for height, by the way, and the energy the plant saves by losing the top will just be diverted into more lateral branches. That's what I'd do!

Next year, if you want a smaller plant, try a "patio" variety of cherry tomato.

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Blogger Adi said...

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