Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I am officially in stalling mode. I fill my blog with grand designs and yet, when the weekend comes, I accomplish none of it. Instead, I manage to make “cleaning the house” occupy an entire 3 days (holiday weekend). In my spare moments, I decorate and call it “home renovations.”

Since painting the kitchen cabinets, I have accomplished very little. I hung a mirror yesterday. I badgered Mike until he reinstalled the hinges for the kitchen cabinets. (Yet, the doors remain on the spare bed.) My crowning achievement was screwing a doorstop on the sunroom door.

I am procrastinating because the next renovation task is a big one: stripping the carpet backing and linoleum glue off the attic stairs. I am afraid I’ll burn something with the heat gun or simply make the stairs impassable and the bedroom inaccessible. I keep telling myself that I’ll just work on it a little each night, tackling a stair or two before bed. Once I get going, I’ll probably obsessively slave away. It’s the initiation I am having trouble with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I hear you, I'm at stand still with the ex sewing room soon to be big boy room. Having started with a minor rip out the closet build shelves plan, I'm now stalling because the walls under the sheetrock look AWESOME, and the floor is HARDWOOD, under lineoleum, but what if I mess it up (taking the linenoelum off) or what if the walls aren't that awesome wood all the way around, and instead there is crappy plywood somewhere? It gets so overwhelming so quickly and yet you want to do so much! Good luck on the stairs.

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