Friday, January 14, 2005

To Act or Not To Act

Next Saturday, the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts is holding auditions for Jesus Christ Superstar. I last performed in musical version of A Christmas Carol. Its director and much of its cast and crew will be involved in this next production. I originally intended to audition, but I have changed my mind.

Musicals are exhausting! Not only are there acting rehearsals, there are also singing and dancing rehearsals. It is a whole bunch of fun, but a great time commitment. During the last show, I managed to work, rehearse, and make home improvements, but I suffered for it. I missed so many dinners and so much sleep that I was always scrounging for food (Halloween candy for dinner!) and scheming to sneak a nap under my desk.

I’ve reached my activity saturation limit and something’s got to give: work, Mike, home improvements, or acting. With my grand kitchen and garden plans in the works….acting loses out.

Don’t you wish you could do it all? I once read “Beggars in Spain” in which scientists tinker with the human genome to create children that have no need for sleep. While normal people slumber, the “sleepless” are productive. I would volunteer to become one of the “sleepless” in a heartbeat!

Unfortunately, I am not superhuman and have to set priorities. I have to work, I love Mike, and its time to nest. Choosing not to audition is also good news for the blog; I’ll have something to write about.

P.S. While linking to the Amazon page for “Beggars in Spain,” I learned that this book is part of a trilogy. Looks like I found myself some more reading for the bus!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, I would volunteer in a heartbeat. Being one of the sleepless sounds good, I mean I like sleeping but sometimes I go to bed and lay there thinking in six more hours I can get up an do stuff. Getting to that something's gotta give stage is even faster when you have a rambunctious bouncing baby boy, who also doesn't thinking sleeping should be a requirement. Fitting in exercising, cleaning, quilting, home improvement, oh and did I mention my master's program? around him can be completely overwhelming.

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