Sunday, January 09, 2005

A blue tile countertop, in someone else's kichen. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah -- pretty blue tile countertop. Now let's talk about ME!

I THOUGHT I followed the directions to the letter, so how did MY corn chowder turn out so inferior to YOURS?! I distinctly remember how good yours tasted, and I DON'T think it was just being hungry after rehearsal (or was it a show???). Maybe it was the wine you served. What was the wine, by the way?

Anyway, MY soup tasted so . . so . . PEDESTRIAN! SOOooo disappointing!! I don't know how I can POSSIBLY go on . . .

Maybe I SHOULD have added the cream.

All levity aside ('cept the soup really WAS mediocre), you always impress me with how handy you are and your assertive approach to home projects. Keep up the good (and hard) work! Also, keep writing! You have a lot of talent, and should look into creating your own newspaper column.

As always. Snowflake

7:32 PM  

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