Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tale of Two Pumpkins

When Mike and I were dating, our favorite activities were water sports (we lived on a sub-tropical island) and going out to eat. After moving to a land-locked state and one income, we discovered that we don’t have many shared interests left. We continue to try new things (hiking, going to the racetrack, Frisbee golf) in an attempt to find a shared activity. Still, during most of our free time, we end up splitting up. I garden; he plays poker. We both profess to hate the other’s activity, but we keep trying to connect. I listen to “bad beat” stories and he occasionally helps me in the garden. My latest attempt to make a gardener out of him is by appealing to Mike’s competitive side. Hence, The Great Pumpkin Contest.

On July 4th, we each planted pumpkin seeds. Planting around this date is supposed to yield pumpkins by Halloween. I selected the magnolia bed as our garden plot, and let him choose between the two corners. We planted, we watered, and we waited.

Mike’s pumpkin sprouted first, but even the earlier start date cannot account for the size of his vine vs. mine. His vine has at least three branches, dozens of flowers, and is about 8 feet long.

My vine is much smaller and boasts only a few flowers.

We haven’t yet decided the criteria for winning. Obviously, I’ve ruled out size of the vine. We are debated whether the winner of The Great Pumpkin Contest is the person who grows the most pumpkins or the biggest pumpkin (or, perhaps, the most beautiful pumpkin). I'm tempted to skew the criteria to favor me and my puny vine, but I suppose letting Mike win would better accomplish my goal of interesting him in gardening.

Aw, who am I kidding? Look at that vine! He’s going to win either way (unless I “accidentally” step on his pumpkin or spray it with some Round-Up). Mike will win. I will pout. And I’ll be glad when he returns to poker and leaves the gardening to me! Couple activities are overrated.


Blogger Anne said...

So cute! Makes me wish I'd planted pumpkins.

8:04 AM  
Blogger snappy said...

In our house Sallyanne does the inside, and I get to do the garden.I have tried to get her involved but she lets me do it all.Maybe I should try a pumpkin contest...

4:09 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Love your photos! Very informative. (grin)

I'm doing veggies this year for the first time since I was a kid at home. It is like starting over!

Your cherry tomatoes should be fine, I'd just clip any branches that try to grow toward the path. You could experiment with training them in an espalier!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Zoey said...

I wouldn't give up hope, just yet.

If you make the criteria the biggest, you may have a chance because all of your vine's energy will go into the one pumpkin while his will be split between many.

It's worth a shot....

8:24 AM  
Blogger Lisa Blair said...

Maybe you can have three catergories: Biggest Pumpkin, Most Beautiful Pumpkin, and Most Plentiful Vine. and then a grand prize. That way you are bound to win something!!

This sounds fun! Y'all are very competitive. I also have a hard time getting my husband involved in gardening.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Garden Decor Junkie said...

Actually, the Round-Up idea wasn't too bad. What a combination: poker and gardening. Hey, whatever works!

On the other hand, maybe you can have the best of both worlds. Let me explain. Consider hanging some neat lights in your garden, get some folding tables and chairs, and have a “poker party” in your nighttime garden. This would probably be a nice (and romantic?) way to "connect."

8:11 AM  

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