Friday, July 28, 2006

My Favorite Spot, July 28th

My magnolia bed is a little lacking in height. The sweet bay magnolia and mock oranges are still babies. To add some vertical interest, I knocked together a twiggy teepee for the season. It was knobby and awkward when naked, but now that it’s clothed in sweet peas and cuddling a buddleia, it is my favorite spot.

I’ve planted sweet peas, cardinal vine, and black-eyed susan vine at the corners. The sweet peas will fade soon, just as the cardinal vine and black-eyed susan vine come into their own. I popped two baby sunflowers inside the teepee to give them support. I expect the sunflowers to bloom in the next month. Around the teepee, I have butterfly bush, annual poppies, black-eyed susans (perennial!), and zinnia in bloom.

Not only do I love this spot, the animals love it too. I’ve spotted a hummingbird sipping from the sweet peas and songbirds using the teepee rungs as perches. On a warm day, the teepee is humming with insect life, from bees to butterflies. I’ve even caught Zoro curled up inside. (Yes, the photo is posted sideways. It was initially a mistake, but then I thought it looked more interesting that way.)

The teepee will need to be moved next year to allow some growing room for a nearby mock orange. I think it may end up in my newest bed to lend me height and interest again


Blogger Christine said...

What a great idea~ love it!

I kinda like the hammock/deck for my favorite spot of your yard...but then, I haven't seen your yard in 3D, so that might make a diff. Anyway, the teepee garden is a close second!

10:59 AM  
Anonymous jemkagily said...

I loooooove that rustic trellis. Did you follow instructions or just wing it? What kind of wood worked best for you? I'd love to poach the idea.

Those colors all work so beautifully together too!

3:07 AM  
Blogger Blackswamp_Girl said...

Nice job with the trellis! It does look good... and I'm jealous about your sweet peas. Mine have done nothing this year. :(

7:04 AM  
Blogger Kasmira said...

I made the trellis from branches I trimmed from our sweet gum tree. (I pruned it in Dec or Jan.) I just tied them together with twine.

I didn't follow any directions.

I did need a help holding the four uprights steady while I bound the top. After that, it pretty much stood upright on its own while I lashed on the crossbars.

8:14 AM  
Blogger suvi0911 said...

the teepee garden looks gorgeous. And so does your cat! :)

12:33 AM  

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