Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Rainbow Ends in Ludlow, Kentucky

You can find some very scary people through the internet, but you can find some genuinely nice ones, too! Like any prudent person, I’m wary of meeting people who’ve contacted me through my blog. When Pam wrote me and offered to share some plants, my greed and curiosity got the better of my caution. She turned out to be a sweet, generous, and knowledgeable lady with a heck of a backyard garden.

When I arrived at her house, Pam beckoned me through the gate into her fenced backyard. It was like entering Oz. It is only April, but her garden is already bursting with sparkling Technicolor. The late afternoon sunlight glinted off the pond and highlighted the jewels tucked among rocks and under trees. The center of the garden is occupied by a large apple tree, listing charmingly to one side and wearing the remains of its spring blossoms. To complete the Oz-like effect, garden trolls are hidden throughout the space, peeping at the strange visitor in pink flip-flops.

Thankfully, the apple tree flung no apples at me and the Wicked Witch didn’t fly in from behind a dark cloud. I spent a peaceful hour with Glinda, touring her paradise and loading my laundry basket with divisions. She gifted me with enough mini-hostas to addict me to collecting the diminutive shade lovers. We talked of favorite plants and noxious weeds. We have much in common (e.g. we’re both lazy composters and Outlander fans). I could have stayed much longer, sniffing the evening stock, but I was exhausted from the holiday weekend (and didn’t want to overstay my welcome!). I cheerfully loaded the plants, clicked my heels three times, and headed home. And, yes, I’m still working on getting all those plants in the ground!

Thank you, Pam!

(Click the photo for a tour of Pam’s garden.)


Blogger Jenn said...

Wow, that's LUSH!

A big thanks to you both for sharing the bounty!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Takoma Gardener said...

What a terrific blog story.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous lou said...

lovely garden, I checked out the photos, and adore the Gargoyle.
Thanks for sharing

10:11 PM  

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