Saturday, November 05, 2005

Farming Again

Do you remember my reservations about using straw in my newest lasagna bed? So far, one of my fears have been realized.

Today, as I layered leaves over the bed, I noticed green, grass-like blades emerging from the straw. At first, I thought my dutch iris had sprouted. Then, I thought some of the original grass had forced its way through the newspaper. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the seeds that had been present in the pine straw had germinated. I'm growing a crop of grain in the front yard.

There is a silver lining to all of this: the grain weeds are sure to die over the winter. Had the seeds germinated in the spring, I would have had to pull them. Just one more reason to love a good, hard frost.


Blogger Tami said...


One of the advantages of using the straw or any thick mulch is that the stuff that does germinate (and yes, you are going to have some no matter what you do unless you use preemergents) will pull right up because it is in the layer on top of the soil.


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