Wednesday, February 16, 2005

2-Cat Family

In case you weren’t already aware, I overanalyze almost every purchase I’m about to make. I remember my Mom being quite proud of me for considering a pair of $5 earrings from Claire’s Boutique for a few days before going back to buy them. Now that I earn more than $5/week, I am more prone to the impulse buy, but, as a general rule, I think about every acquisition carefully. It isn’t just the money; I have to consider, “how will this thing impact my life?”

When it comes to the decision to add a new animal to our family, I can think for a loooooooong time. In fact, I’ve been considering a new cat since November 23! Tonight, we are finally going to “interview a candidate.”

According to Mimi’s ad, she is a fun-loving Sagittarius who enjoys long walks on the beach and warm dishes of cream. Well, actually, she was described as silver and black, female tabby who is very affectionate towards people and friendly with other cats. I’m hoping she’ll be Cleo’s new best friend.

Right now, I’m Cleo’s best friend. Unless she’s sleeping, she follows me everywhere I go in the house. I’m flattered by all the attention, but she needs someone her own age, and species, to play with. Cleo and Mimi WILL be best friends. I will make them.

But once they are best buds, I’m afraid I’ll miss my dependent kitty. It was sort of gratifying to have Cleo run to me as soon as I stepped in the door from work. Mike barely looks up from his studies. Perhaps I’ll miss being awakened four or five times each night by a kitty meowing for attention. A kitty that puts her snotty, cold nose to my lips if I don’t wake. A kitty who bats my nose if I don’t pet her long enough before I fall asleep again. Well, maybe I won’t miss dependent kitty…

We meet, and hopefully adopt, Mimi tonight. I’m quite sure I want a second cat. Ah, Mira, Mira, quite contrary, how does your family grow!


Blogger Jay said...

Glad to hear you are such a responsible pet owner!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

A month ago, I adopted my fourth, so I know what you're going through!

Everyone gets along fine here, although my dog is still getting used to them/they're still getting used to my dog. It's been interesting. ;)

4:24 PM  

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