Friday, October 29, 2004

Mental Puzzles

I am still unpacking! The progress is very slow because, between work and rehearsals, I have about 30 minutes a day to unpack. The unpacking is a priority over any home improvement. The carpet man is ready to come install the carpet, but he wouldn’t be able to get it inside at this point. Mike and I will be out of town this weekend, so no progress will be made.

I have made a lot of mental progress, as I ride the bus to and from work. The result of my imaginary home improvements is a lot of questions:

How heavy is a stove? Can Mike and I lift it into my Subaru and drive it home?
How hard is it to install a dishwasher? I’m taking the old one out, and installing a younger version.
Does anyone else hate fiberboard furniture as much as I do? It is heavy and disintegrates if you take it apart and put it back together too many times.
How hard would it be to tile a compass/sunburst pattern in the sunroom?
Do you have to clean walls with TSP before you paint or is using a Swiffer enough?
How do you keep raccoons out of the garbage?
What kind of sewing machine should I buy to create mostly home decorating items (curtains, bedskirts, cushion covers, etc)?
What experiences have other people had with cork flooring?
Are the Home Depot 1-2-3 books any good?

Please help me further my daydreams!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you sneaky Blogger you! Yes the Home Depot 1-2-3 books are good, and easy, but read them first to make sure they are not the common sense stuff you already know. I'm in favor of tile myself, because frankly carpet GROSSES ME OUT. Who knows what is living there, and once you get in things GROW THERE. Little crawling dudes find everything the vacuum cleaner doesn't (even in the dream world where your vacuum works) and it goes right in their little mouths. Plus you can now have heated tile, check this out.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Scott in Washington said...


I have a tiling video for you, sitting on my desk here at work. Somehow, Jedi mind powers alone haven't gotten it over to the post office yet (maybe I'm lame in the ways of the force). Anyway...

1. Stove lifting: rent or borrow a pickup. They're heavy and bulky. My dad and I hefted one up 23 steps a couple of months ago. We did it, but there was a lot of puffing out of cheeks. Most places you buy a new stove will deliver and install it for you anyway. Brit and I recently priced a stove, venting system and install at about 3k.

2. Dishwasher - really easy. get a book and its a snap

3. One of my most rewarding experiences in Japan was throwing my particle board desk out the 3rd story barracks window. Be gone!

4. Spent the 85$ for the cheapy tile saw and its no problem

5. We used watery rags and were fine.

6. squirt ammonia around the base of the can.

7. Totally clueless on that one... Brit?

8. None

9. Tiling 1, 2, 3 and Wiring 1, 2, 3 were pretty helpful for me. I thought their landscaping book was lame-o

Enjoy your new home!

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay I had to go through and count the list since Scott numbered them but 7) buy a sewing machine at a garage sale MAKE THEM PROVE THAT IT SEW FIRST! but you will mostly likely spend less money. The important point however is that the sewing machines they make nowadays (walmart cheapies) are CRAP CRAP CRAP. Unless you are willing to spend mucho bucks (thousands) on a machine that is voice activated and picks up the fabric at the store for you on it's way home.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Kasmira said...

Yeah! I have a sewing machine now. I found a used Sears Kenmore green machine. It is about 25 yo, but runs smoothly. Now I just have to figure out how to thread it...

5:09 AM  

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