Monday, October 25, 2004

Filling up the House

The house looks much the same as it did at the time of my last entry – a sea of boxes. The sea is now punctuated by knickknack flotsam and tchotchke jetsam, but remains daunting nonetheless. Opening the boxes and pulling things out was so much fun! Figuring out where to put everything is not so much. So, what to do when life gets you down? As the Bare Naked Ladies say: “Let’s go shopping!”
While I was in Okinawa, I bought numerous pieces of wooden furniture – made of all sorts of non-PC wood, like teak and mahogany. It is lovely, but hard. Despite searching the base furniture store on a weekly basis, I never found a couch or chair I liked enough to buy. We had to sit on something, so we borrowed two beat-up, blue LaZboy loveseats from work and rounded out the seating with a disintegrating, stained papa-san chair. I couldn’t wait to get to the states and buy something new!
My mom came to visit last Friday and I saved the shopping experience for us to share together. We took the mission very seriously. I had a list of stores and an agenda for each day. We carried a notebook, pen, and tape measure. I had a color scheme. After 18 hours of sweat and toil, we came away triumphant.
I bought the Market Street sofa in persimmon (orange) micro-fiber and the Fletcher recliner in ruby chenille. I also bought a Karastan rug for the living room. So, while there is barely room to walk through my house at present, I am planning on adding more items to the mix. The rug will be ready for pick-up in a week and the furniture will be delivered in four to six. I guess I had better get busy and clear a space for the new additions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Helen and I were just married, we had scant little in the way of furniture to fill our floor-through brownstone apartment in Brooklyn. Both of us had been vagabonds most of our adult lives, so accumulated little.

In subsequent moves - Brooklyn to Wisconsin, Wisconsin to Namibia (and back again), Wisconsin to Cincinnati - we've managed to collect enough furniture to look respectable. We STILL have a 'sea of boxes' in our basement and garage, which will no doubt remain untouched 'til our next inevitable move.

One thing that's nice is that we have fairly dedicated one particular room for our African artifacts, craft items - etc, etc, etc - though they can be found throughout the house.

yours again. SF

6:08 AM  

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