Friday, October 08, 2004

Playing House

Most little girls play house and dolls. These were the game of choice with my sisters and my friends. Unfortunately, I never really liked playing either game. I liked playing “make house.” I enjoyed constructing walls out of couch cushions and beds out of baby blankets. I set up my bookshelf as a 4-story Barbie mansion, complete with ashtrays and credit cards. I spent hours inventing new home designs with Legos. When it was time to “play,” I didn’t want to participate - unless I could be the pet dog that peed on everyone or play prostitute Barbies.

So now I’ve graduated to real estate (but no doll/baby) and I still prefer to “make house.” The game has nothing on the real thing. Instead of couch cushions and baby blankets, I have walls to paint and bedding to make. I can set up my “mansion” any way I please (without the ashtrays). I will be entertained for quite awhile with the 36 projects I have lined up.

So, when it is all finished, will I lose interest and be driven to standing on a street corner urinating on passers-by? I only hope the projects never end…


Blogger kim scales said...

Hello Kasmira. I just love reading your blogs. I nearly peed my pants over your last entry. My son has chosen an amazing wife for himself and your sense of humor will serve you both very well in life. Whether you live in a mansion or a hovel, I feel confident that you can turn it into a warm, peaceful and happy place to live. Love always, Your Mother-In-Law

3:23 AM  

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