Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Coming Attractions

Despite the hours and great effort I have spent writing blog posts, Mike, until recently, hadn’t read more than the first three. After his mother made a number of cryptic (to him) references to my blog, he figured it was time to get caught up. Mike asked me to bookmark the link on his browser and surprised me by reading the remaining entries one afternoon. His first comment: “You need to post more often.”

I am something of a purist. This blog is described as “adventures in home-owning,” and if I don’t have a home-owning-related tale to tell, I do not post. Mike warned that, due to my infrequent posting, I was in danger of losing my present readers. I had to agree. How can generate enough of a fan base to get a Random House book deal (like Breakup Babe) if I don’t post at least every other day?! Yet, I stubbornly refuse to post unless the story somewhat relates to my theme. To keep you hanging on and checking back, here is a list of COMING ATTRACTIONS:

Pictures. Yes, I took pictures of the interior of my house. The perfectionist in me wanted to wait until I had done this and bought that, but I reminded myself that my public awaits. Well, we will all wait until I get the developed prints back next week. Mike – get me a digital camera, please.

Kitchen update. This will be the subject of multiple postings. First, you will get to feast your eyes upon the current, lovely brown and mustard color scheme (once those prints are back). Marvel at the outdated appliances. Pity my family as I asphyxiate them while painting the kitchen cabinets with white enamel. Laugh along as Mike and I install a replacement dishwasher. Next, vote for your favorite kitchen countertop laminate. Volunteer your opinion on whether I should strip the painted-over wallpaper or just paint on top of it. Be shocked at the shade of orange I use on the walls. Offer tips on installing chair-rail height bead board. Vote on whether I should finish the top of the walls with crown molding or a tile border. Bear with me as I attempt to paint our almond refrigerator white. Share the joy as I purchase a brand-new stove! Finally, hold your breath for the kitchen “reveal.”

Crafty Projects. I will post pictures and instructions on creating a handy, necklace organizer. As soon as I learn to use my sewing machine, I will be turning a turquoise sari into a bedskirt and decorative pillows.

Chainsaw adventures. Our neighbor Tim will be coming to our rescue with two chainsaws to cut up the downed tree in the backyard. Will he share the power tools or insist on cutting the entire thing up himself?

Then there is the garden…enough said.

Between all these projects and complaining about Mike’s laundry, I should have plenty of blogging material to entertain my readers. Stay tuned!


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